Bette Ha: Writing Tracker

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My 2019 goals include being more active with my WIP, and this blog will keep me accountable! There is a power to making myself vulnerable in this way. For too long, I was hiding behind unfinished word docs and half-completed outlines. Keeping track of my progress below on this page and posting updates on Wattpad will motivate me to keep working and keep hustling.

Excelsior: A Short story


Status: Draft #1

Mensa’s consciousness operates the AI that powers OHSA-21, one of 100 ships that carry human refugees after the Earth has been deemed uninhabitable. A young man captures her interest and she manipulates events aboard the ship so that they can meet. When his very presence threatens the safety of OHSA-21, Mensa is forced to choose between following her heart and doing what’s best for her ship.

the bronze emperor -Artifacts of dawn #1


Status: Outlining

The steampunk capital of the Iwajiko Empire of the Eight Islands, is home to fearless treasure hunters, sly antique dealers, and an overwhelming population of orphans and refugees from neighboring islands lured by the booming economy of the capital city. For an island kingdom that has catapulted itself into modernity with its technological advancements, the past is just a relic, and so are its mythological origins. 

Everything changes when a group of treasure hunters discover a trove of artifacts on the outskirts of an abandoned village- shards of tortoiseshell inscribed with unfamiliar characters. Maeli, an self-taught treasure hunter and street thief, knows a treasure map when she sees one- all she needs is a scholar to help translate the artifacts.

Theo, a would-be scholar who was expelled from the Iwajiko Academy of Fine Arts, is descended from a noble family line whose wealth has gone with the times and is now hanging by a thread in this capitalist age. All it would take is one big discovery to save his family and their ancient name- and he has his eye on the tortoiseshell map.

When the secrets of the tortoiseshell point to pivotal discoveries about Iwajiko’s history, there is civil unrest throughout the Eight Islands as the future contends with the past. History seems to be repeating itself and if Maeli isn’t careful, she could be ushering in the dawn of a new age, just like the Bronze Emperor did centuries ago. 

Mirror of the Four Realms

MoTFR 1.png

Status: Outlining

Nuwa has been told all her life that there is fire in her veins and if she can harness the dragon’s power inside of her, then she will someday rule the Azure Realm. But the Pillar of Heaven that supports the four realms is crumbling and the only way to bring balance to the realms is to fulfill an age-old prophecy: The daughters of the seasons must enter the mirror of the four realms and turn the earth round.

Each of the four realms must volunteer up a daughter to embark on the perilous mission.

Jing is Vermillion Emperor’s daughter, one of many born from his harem of consorts. She aims to prove herself a worthy successor on this quest.

Pipa is a humble musician’s daughter who catches the eye of the Jade Emperor. He sends her on the fabled mission and the peasant girl is suddenly thrust into the threads of fate. Her only goal is to make it out of this mission alive.

Daji is the adopted daughter of the Ivory Emperor and has been trained from birth for this mission. Skilled in assassination, her mission is twofold: Save the realms. Conquer the realms.