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All For One Reread Campaign: All For One (Downloadable Bookmarks!)

Last but certainly not least for the All For One Reread Campaign, we highlight quotes from Eliza in the final book of the series, titled All For One. We’ve endured so much with the middle Schuyler sister throughout her journey, and this is an emotional end to the trilogy documenting the sweeping love story between Eliza Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton.

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All For One Reread Campaign: A Love Story (Downloadable Bookmarks!)

Hi everyone! I’m back today with Week One of the All For One Reread Campaign with Penguin! Leading up to the last installment of the Alex & Eliza series, a series of bloggers are spending some time rereading the books. Each week, I’ll be highlighting one of the Schuyler sisters by featuring her quotes from the book of the week in the form of… downloadable bookmarks! Without further ado, let’s start the series off with my favorite Peggy Schuyler quotes from Alex & Eliza: A Love Story!

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Alex & Eliza Blog Tour Stop: Soap Making DIY!

Welcome, friends and followers, to the Alex & Eliza blog tour hosted by Penguin Young Readers! Inspired by the love story of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, this historical fiction novel is a swoon-worthy romance of two individuals against the backdrop of the fight for American independence. You can find my review of Alex & Eliza and its sequel, Love & War over in my Reviews!

I thought I'd switch things up a bit this time with a fun DIY tutorial! Have you ever wondered how to make soaps in the comfort of your own home, with ingredients you can pronounce, and fun, customizable fragrances? 

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