Five Favorite Authors


This is the inaugural post for my new weekly series, "Five Favorites Fridays" (FFF for short)! I felt bad that my weekly posts were dwindling down to the occasional book review, which is so dependent on my availability to read.  So I decided that writing these listicles based on various prompts would be fun to do! Let me know if they're as fun to read! And of course, if you have any other "Five Favorites" lists you want me to make, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Five Favorite Authors:

This is as tough as you can imagine, since I'm always discovering new authors, and I'm sure that there are many more amazing authors out there that I've yet to read! But here is my list so far, as of September 2017, in no particular order:

Victoria Schwab

I discovered V.E. Schwab just earlier this year with her adult fantasy series, Shades of Magic. If you're a personal friend of mine, you know I've recommended the series to just about everyone, and if you're an Instagram follower, you know I have boatloads of merchandise. Schwab has mastery over witty banter, multi-dimensional characters, and a multi-book plot that comes together so beautifully. She's a great example of a book architect, someone who's got a vision and can execute it.

AND BY THE WAY, she just announced a deal with Tor Books for a brand new trilogy and a spin-off novel set in the world of Shades of Magic!

Leigh Bardugo

Bardugo was a name I'd heard of in the book community, but I didn't read any of her work until late last year when I started The Grisha Trilogy. It somewhat disappointed me, with the hype I'd built around her. But her Six of Crows duology more than redeemed her in my eyes- in fact, it remains one of my favorite series to date. Her characters are so inclusive, without hitting you over the head with their diversity. Her worlds are vibrant, political, colorful.

More recently, she released Wonder Woman: Warbringer, the first in a series of D.C. Comics novelizations of popular comic book characters. There were so many ways this could have gone wrong, but Bardugo wrote it so right. It was a Diana Prince that we knew and loved, but set in a story where we could see her vulnerability, quirkiness, and maturation into the superhero we've come to known.

J.K. Rowling

Do I really any words for why the creator of the Harry Potter series is on this list?! J.K. Rowling created the fantasy world that gave me an escape, characters that I could relate to while I was in school myself, and a culture around her books that feels like home.

Not to mention, I really appreciate her activeness in promoting civil rights, human rights, and political justice. She has the platform and means to impact change and bring awareness to the issues she cares about, and Rowling uses them splendidly.


Roshani Chokshi

Chokshi is a newcomer on the scene, but her writing packs a (metaphorical) punch. The New York Times best-selling author of The Star-Touched Queen, and its sequel, A Crown of Wishes, Chokshi has demonstrated that she's a storyteller. And the world could use more of her stories. She beautifully weaves Indian mythology into her writing, and it's a sort of lyrical writing style that I haven't seen before.

PLUS, she's teaming up with Rick Riordan's imprint and writing an exciting series called Aru Shah and the End of Time, set to release in Spring 2018! It promises the humor and wit of Riordan's other books, but with the knowledge and expertise of Indian mythology that only Chokshi can bring. CAN YOU TELL THAT I'M SO EXCITED??


Tamora Pierce

Pierce was one of the OG fantasy authors I used to read. The Song of the Lioness, The Protector of the Small, The Circle of Magic... these were some of the first books early in my reading career where I read about a strong female protagonist. Sometimes they wielded swords or magic, other times it was bravery and resilience. I would be remiss if I didn't attribute my early love of fantasy to this masterful author.

Who are your favorite authors? Let me know in the comments!

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