Physical or Digital books?


I feel like this topic of discussion comes up at least once every few months for me: do you prefer physical books or digital books? It's tough to answer, because I enjoy both for different reasons. I even have some books in both physical and digital form. What about you? Do you prefer to read physical books or e-books?

Physical books:

There is something so lovely about holding a physical book in my hands. Flipping tangible pages between my fingers. Building a library with volumes I've collected and poured over. Penciling notes in the margins and sticking post-its under my favorite quotes.

But physical books can add a substantial weight to my purse. I commute every day to work via subway, and I don't always get a seat. When that happens, it means that I need to shoulder my work purse for about an hour. It's not that awful, but I also can't read a physical book when I'm also trying to hold onto a subway pole at the same time.

Digital books:

I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I love. It's so lightweight and powerful. I don't need the extra bells and whistles, just a solid e-reader. I store tons of books on my Kindle because I read much more quickly on my tablet than I do my physical books. The motion of just tapping my thumb on the screen to get to the next page takes little to no effort, and ensures that my train of thought doesn't get broken. I prefer to read my Kindle on my commute, just because it's easy to hold and adds no weight to my work bag.

But it's difficult for me to take notes while reading digital books. Sure, I can highlight quotes or pull out my notebook to jot them down, but that's super inconvenient. Because I read digital books so quickly (seriously, not trying to humble brag), I miss a lot in the process. I've read some of my favorite books on my Kindle Paperwhite, but I wouldn't, for the life of me, be able to recall a single quote.


I can't give my library or the convenience of an e-reader! This dilemma just means that I'm usually reading two books at any given time. One on the train, and one at home by my bed.

What do you prefer: physical books or digital books?

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