Children's Books for Adults


Hello readers! Today, I want to ask you a question: Do you ever read children's books? I know it sounds silly, but there's something comforting and nostalgic about flipping through these Puffin Classics. If I'm in a reading slump, picking up one of these gorgeous editions cheers me up right away. What are your favorite childhood books?

I was always that kid in school, the one who filled out sheets and sheets of summer reading books and ferociously devoured the classroom library. Goosebumps, The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown... those were my jam! And I have such fond memories of afternoons spent at the library, picking out stacks of books at a time. Reading really enriched my childhood, and set a foundation for my academics in the years to come.

It's funny how these memories surface every once in awhile. I was recently hanging out with a few friends, when we started reminiscing about Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, an anthology of scary shorts. They're not as scary now as they were back then, but it was hilarious that we had all read the same book and could so clearly recall the stories inside it!

Just like how I sometimes turn to coloring books to relieve stress, children's books are a great way to reset a reading slump or just give the stray thoughts in my head something to occupy themselves with. I think everyone has a go-to book, just like we have a go-to movie or song. These beautiful classics are mine!

I was so excited to see these Puffin Classics on Book Outlet, because they're normally quite pricey. These are the type of beautiful books that I hope to keep for a very long time, and someday read to my own kids!

Well? Do you read children's books? What were your favorite children's books growing up?

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