Crooked Kingdom: Review


Immediately after completing the first book in the duology, Six of Crows, I dove into Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. It was an enormously satisfying conclusion to the band of misfits that I've come to love. The best part? It reminds me so much of my favorite movie, Ocean's Eleven. Read on for a spoiler-free review of this book and what I thought of the duology as a whole!  Greed. Lust. Death. Survival. There is a darkness to Crooked Kingdom that I found to be really beautiful. It moved the story forward and painted each character in a unique light with respect to how this world has wronged each of them. Six of Crows may have been about pulling off an impossible job, but Crooked Kingdom aims to be bigger and badder. And boy, you will not be disappointed by the scheming and nefariously complex heists.

Did you watch Ocean's Eleven (George Clooney, Frank Sinatra, take your pick)? If you did, and you enjoyed it, then you will also love the way Kaz Brekker from Crooked Kingdom plots the jobs that are pulled off throughout the course of this book. He is distant, but brilliant. Cruel, but motivated. Each member of his crew has a unique skill that is necessary to successfully pull off the jobs they're tasked with. You have the flirtatious sharpshooter, the headstrong Grisha, the trained soldier, the light-footed spy, and the naive demolitions expert.

When each chapter is told from a different character's perspective, our windows into their plans are limited and we piece things together as they fall in place. It's tantalizing and breathtaking, and the action and scheming is nonstop. I began to doubt the smallest actions and wonder if they were part of the larger plan. I couldn't trust my heart as I grew fond of these characters and wondered whether they would betray me.

This duology is just so elaborately written. Attention to detail is imperative, to ensure that these grand heists make sense. And they do. There are no plot holes, nothing too grand to be achieved or convenient. I'm so impressed by the dynamism of the story and the second of the book was an extremely satisfying conclusion to the two-book series. I almost want more books, or spinoffs, but not because I felt that things were left unfinished, but because I loved the characters.

Overall, I rate Crooked Kingdom 5/5 stars!

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