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Hello readers and friends! I'm over-the-moon that you've stumbled upon my blog. Let me introduce myself: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, to two immigrant parents in a distinctively international neighborhood. My neighbors were Italians, Ukrainians, Russians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans. I ate pierogis, pizza (thin crust only!!!), chow fun, and tamales. I'd like to think that the person I am now is very much inspired by the incredibly diverse childhood I had and the experiences of the people I was surrounded by.

After earning a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and East Asian Studies, with a concentration in Chinese, I began my career working in a community management role at a burgeoning startup, with all of its typical startup pros and woes. After about two years wearing multiple hats there, I scored an opportunity as an Associate Product Manager for a major news and media company.


I've loved literature and writing from an early age, having furiously filled out my reading sheets and asking for more. In between reading and reviewing books, I enjoy writing in my free time and working on that eventual novel, journaling and papercrafting, and taking long walks with my dog. 

I'm so excited to share my thoughts and opinions with you on this blog- and remember, my opinions are my own and I don't intend to generalize my views on yours. So, head on over to my homepage and see what's between my pages lately!

Professional Reader


I do not receive monetary compensation for the books or boxes that I review on my blog. I either 1) own the books OR 2) received a galley from the author or publisher, which I will state clearly in the blog post. I am 100% honest in my reviews, including those for books which I have received for free in exchange for my honest and original opinion. Thank you!

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