About Bette

Hello readers and friends! I’m over-the-moon that you’ve stumbled upon my blog. Let me introduce myself:

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, to two immigrant parents in a distinctively immigrant neighborhood. My neighbors were Italians, Russians, Puerto Ricans. I spoke conversational Chinese from an early age and picked up bits of Russian from my elementary school classmates. I ate pierogis, pizza (thin crust only!!!), chow fun, and tamales. I’d like to think that the person I am now is very much inspired by the incredibly diverse childhood I had and the experiences of the people I was surrounded by. I am a product of the New York public school system, and attended a private liberal arts college in Maine, the reason for that being, I finished high school feeling like an exhausted city girl, and considered stepping outside my comfort zone for a bit, even if only for four years.

Once there, I fell almost immediately into the fields that I would eventually earn a double major in: East Asian Studies and Anthropology. I don’t think it was any surprise to my friends that I wanted to devote myself to literature and research. My goal was to examine East Asian history and cultural phenomena, both abroad and at home, through an anthropological lens. And I had a great time doing it. I challenged myself to understand perspectives I might have once easily dismissed. I worked with peers and professors on furthering research that impacted the lives of the Chinese elderly. I spoke with international students on my Maine campus about the adjustments they had to make, coming from an East Asian country. Instead of wondering “why,” I wanted to understand “how.”

Fast forward four years after having a fulfilling, though at times conflicting, college experience, and I began my career working in a customer support role at a burgeoning startup, with all of its typical startup pros and woes. After about two years wearing multiple hats there, I scored an opportunity as an Associate Product Manager for a major news and media company. I’m about a year into this job, and I can say with conviction that I love it. I love surrounding myself with motivated and talented storytellers and supporting them with the digital products to make their stories accessible.

And here’s where I am now! I’ve loved literature and writing from an early age, having furiously filled out my reading sheets and asking for more. I’m so excited to share my thoughts and opinions with you on this blog- and remember, my opinions are my own and I don’t intend to generalize my views on yours. So, head on over to my homepage and see what’s between my pages lately!